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Roel Rolleman

Roelof Rolleman - President

Roelof Rolleman has been a very active figure in the Dutch community for more than 40 years now. For many people he is a familiar face at all the major Dutch community events. Originally Roelof worked in the ceramic tile industry; wholesale, retail, import export and fixing of ceramic tiles, and retired in 2013.

The Dutch Club Abel Tasman wouldn’t be here today in Carnegie if it wouldn’t have been for the vision Roelof had more than 10 years ago when he took on the role of president for the club. Together with some long standing committee members, and some new ones, he has managed to keep the club running; which is a true credit to their dedication and commitment to the club as well as the Dutch community.

Amongst the many committee roles Roelof has held he has also been the president of the Holland Festival for 10 years.

Another passion Roelof has is for soccer; or the real football as he calls it. He was also the long standing president of the Springvale City Soccer Club in their top years in state league, and more recently he has initiated the ‘Dutch Connection’ group. This group offers great corporate seats with access to the Captain’s Club, and this is where you can find Roelof cheering on the players together with, 56 Dutch Connection members.

He is married to Hermine and they have 2 children: Monique and Paul and 4 grandchildren.

To contact Roelof Rolleman
0414 535 944


Michiel Gijsberts

Michiel Gijsberts - Vice President

Michael started his career in Holland at the Taxation Office in Eindhoven. After his migration to Australia in 1957 he was employed by a company, packaging Christmas cards, where he remained for 25 years, ending up as warehouse manager. After that he owned and operated a newsagency / post office for 3 years. The next move was back to Holland for a few years, where he worked in the printing department of Philips in Eindhoven. Having arrived back in Australia he commenced working in 1987 at the Netherlands Consulate General in Melbourne, where he became the Chancellor and Passport Administrator. In 1999, because of closure of the Consulate General, Michael went into early retirement.

To contact Michael Gijsberts 0419 549 376 houdoe@netspace.net.au


Paul GubbelsPaul Gubbels - Treasurer

Paul was born in 1942 in Tegelen (Limburg) as the third of eight children and the family migrated here in 1953 when he was 10 years of age. Paul believes that this was a special time when almost everything in his life changed in a very short space of time. Language, culture, food, school, friends, climate and so much more. Originally the family spent some time in the Pater Maas Hostel in Daylesford, then travelled to Devereux Creek (near Mackay in Qld) for the cane season, then back to Hepburn Springs and Daylesford, eventually settling in Springvale in 1956. His secondary education was at St Bede’s Mentone and his working life comprises working on market gardens when still at school then working in a factory for a year before working as a clerk with Kelly & Lewis in Springvale while commencing his accounting studies. He is a CPA and has worked in accounting for most of his life. He is married to Fay (already celebrated their golden jubilee) and they have 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren.

To contact Paul Gubbels

03 9791 7425/ 0407 513 440 cpaonline@bigpond.com


Monica deKnechtMonica de Knecht - Secretary

Monica has been one of the Dutch Club’s longest serving (committee) members and was awarded Life Membership at the age of 24 for her service to the Dutch Club back in 1976 when the President and Vice-President decided she deserved to be honoured for her duties and commitment to the Club. Monica walked into the Dutch Club at the Dickens street venue when she was introduced by her Dutch neighbours. Although Monica has got a Dutch/Irish grandfather, she had never been involved with the Dutch community until that day. As soon as she walked into the club Monica was hooked: the ‘gezelligheid’, its ‘Karnaval balls’ and everything about the club was convival, expressive and friendly. When the club moved to its Carnegie premises in 1973 Monica became a member and also took up duties as the Secretary. Monica is happily married to Jan de Knecht – whom she actually married at the Dutch Club!

To contact Monica de Knecht

03 9571 5382 / 0457 065 959 monica.deknecht@bigpond.com


Tony NyhuisTony Nyhuis - Caretaker/Maintenance

Tony was born in Hengelo, Holland on 1st November 1935. He migrated to Australia and arrived here on 4th September 1958. Being a painter in Holland, he continued in this trade in Australia. It didn’t take long for Tony to become and/or stay involved with various organisations in and around Melbourne. Rotary for 35 years, Probus for 40 years, Dutch Carnaval Club for 18 years, Melbourne Tukkers Clog dancers for 15 years. Holland Festival committee for 12 years to name but a few. In 2003 he joined the Dutch Club Abel Tasman and soon became a committee member. He then became the Caretaker and Maintenance Manager of the Club. In that capacity he was instrumental in the renewing of the facility and has overseen a complete renovation of the building from 2005 till 2011.

To contact Tony Nyhuis

03 5941 5738 / 0418 561 920 a.tnyhuis@bigpond.com


Jan BylstraJan Bylstra - Committee Member

Jan is the newest member of the committee. He and his wife Mieke migrated to Melbourne in 1972. They have 3 children all born in Melbourne. As an electronical engineer Jan had various positions in the telecommunications industry, including Telstra, and is now retired. He has been a member of the Erasmus Foundation committee in various capacities from 1995 - 2005 and again from 2011 to the present. He is now the convenor of the Erasmus Foundation, which recently became part of the Dutch Club Abel Tasman.

To contact Jan Bylstra

03 9807 3170 / 0419 528 250 jbylstra@telsource.com.au